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Picture from the Snow in 1982 January 28, 2010

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Found this at home and scanned it. Its nothing to do with Politics ….
Shows the extent of the Snow back in 1982 though….
Taken up around Knocklyon , I think.

I’ve posted a few other photos from 1982 here too


4 Responses to “Picture from the Snow in 1982”

  1. Duffy7 Says:

    That looks as if it was taken outside the church in Knocklyon.
    The Green on the right and the road that goes down past the school in the shade on the Left.
    An amazing amount of snow.

  2. ancruiskeenlawnmower Says:

    That is a lot of snow all right, do you remember was it early ’82. I always recall Christmas ’81 which we spent skating (of a sort) on a frozen bog hole. The sort of thing I’d ground the young’uns for even contemplating now.

  3. […] } Found a few more 1982 snow pics.Not as spectacular as the first one I posted. In the first one the snow covers the road and is at wall […]

  4. womble Says:

    I drove home to Galway on about the tenth of January, having come off the boat from Louvred pill, We recognised nothing at all until we crossed the bridge in Athlone, it was lunar in its nightime/mare illumination, or not as was the case. Brilliant that took about six hours, with hardly any other cars on the road, that had six foot of snow lined up all the way to Galway. I will never forget it.

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