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Renee Prendergast -Official Sinn Fein -1975 Galway By-Election November 3, 2010

These few clippings are from the 1975 Galway West By Election caused by the death of Fianna Fail TD John Geoghegan and won by his daughter Maire Geoghegan Quinn.
They give an illustration of OSF policy and thinking at the time . Considering it was 1975 the quote of “Our minerals, oil and gas which successive governments have sold out must be taken back by the Irish people” still holds fairly true.
Renee Prendergast polled 656 votes.
Clippings from The Galway Advertiser.


3 Responses to “Renee Prendergast -Official Sinn Fein -1975 Galway By-Election”

  1. liketheroman Says:

    One wonders did Gilmore canvass for her at the time???

  2. […] Republican Socialist Party (IRSP): Hunger Strike Bulletin, Nr. 2, 1980 * Official Sinn Fein (OSF): Renee Prendergast – Galway By-Election (1975) * Socialist Workers Party (SWP): Leaflet from Dave Lordan – LE Ballybrack (2004) * […]

  3. […] the very party he led ‘the campaign to reform’, Renee Prendergast running in the 1975 Galway West by-election where Gilmore may well have canvassed […]

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