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A Rather extreme Pro Life Leaflet from the ‘Childrens Protection Society’ June 18, 2013

A Rather extreme Pro Life Leaflet from the ‘Childrens Protection Society’ which was recently delivered to TDs and Councillors all over the country.
Apologies if anyone is offended but the leaflet illustrates the type of material public representatives have been subjected to in recent times.

Many Thanks to the sender.




Sean Clerkin-Christian Principles Party – ‘Jobs For Youth – Not Condoms’ September 9, 2009

The Christian Principles Party, one of the many ‘Right wing Catholic Parties’ to spring up since Fianna Fail started showing liberal tendencies.
This is from the 1991 Local Elections where Sean Clerkin narrowly missed out on winning a seat, polling over 1,000 votes in the Drumcondra ward!
‘Jobs for Youth-Not Condoms’ has to be one of the worst election slogans ever.
There is all these Christian messages and then we find that Sean is a GAA man who jumped on the Italia 90/Euro 88 bandwagon and is ‘an enthusiastic supporter of Jack’s Irish Soccer team’




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