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Alan Farrell -Labour- Tullamore Town Council 2009 LE July 14, 2010

From the 2009 Local Elections for Tullamore Town Council a flyer for Labour candidate Alan Farrell. Farrell failed to be elected.
Others on the party ticket were Lar Byrne, Lorraine Dormer and Sean O’Brien. Lar Byrne and Sean O’Brien were elected.



Pat Gallagher, Sean O’Brien,Lar Byrne, Joe Feery, Ann Starling -Labour Party -1999 LE, Offaly CC, Tullamore UDC March 4, 2010

From the 1999 local elections a flyer for Labour candidates Senator Pat Gallagher and Cllr Sean O’Brien running for Offaly County Council. On the reverse the Labour Candidates for Tullamore UDC, Pat Gallagher, Sean O’Brien,Lar Byrne, Joe Feery and Ann Starling are all shown.

Pat Gallagher resigned from politics around 2000 to take up the position of Director of Community and Enterprise with Westmeath County Council. He is now the County Manager of Offaly County Council, having previously held a similar post with Galway County Council. He had been elected to the Dail in 1992 and lost his seat in 1997. He was elected to the Senate in 1997. (His record at
The Labour result in Tullamore UDC was a massive victory for them as Labour won four of the nine seats (result at Pat Gallagher, Sean O’Brien,Lar Byrne and Joe Feery were elected with Ann Starling missing out.
Incidentally a ‘Miriam O’Callaghan’ was elected for Fianna Fail there too (although I gather no relation).
Theres nothing on the flyer indicating policy, its just photos of the candidates.



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