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Roger Garland -Green Alliance -1987 Dublin South March 31, 2010

From the 1987 General Election in Dublin South the Green candidate Roger Garland. Garland later became a Ireland’s first Green TD in the 1989 General Election, before losing his seat in 1992.
He had also stood in the Ecology party’s initial electoral outing in November 1982 getting 950 votes in Dublin South.

In 1987 the Green Alliance policies were very much left of centre. There was no mention of such thing as Global Warming or depleting ozone layers. From memory of the times Acid Rain was what we were really scared of. The European Greens got a far bigger mention then in Green Literature, than they do now.
Reposting this leaflet as earlier Garland post had leaflets from 2 different elections.
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Roger Garland- Ireland’s First Green TD -1992 Dublin South September 18, 2009

Roger Garland made History when he became Ireland first ever Green TD in the 1989 General Election. He was elected in Dublin South. He lost his seat however in 1992. His first preference vote went from 4771 in 1989 to 2258 in 1992.

Here we have a 1992 flyer.


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