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1943 Fianna Fail General Election Pamphlet -“Ireland 1932 to 1942 – A Story of Great Achievements” August 13, 2013

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From the 1943 General Election a pamphlet from Fianna Fail “Ireland 1932 to 1942 – A Story of Great Achievements”. The pamphlet, which is 30 pages long, shows the achievements of Fianna Fail since their entry to government in 1932, it emphasizes the gains made towards self sufficiency. There are many info-graphics illustrating the success of the economic war.
From a historical (and of course political) point of view it’s a very interesting read.
Click on the link above or on the page cover below to lauch in pdf form (its 26mb in size so may take a little while to load)




From 1932 a Fianna Fail ad promoting protectionism. October 29, 2012

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This is quite interesting in that it illustrates the protectionist part of the 1932 Fianna Fail manifesto that in part (along with the refusal to pay Land Annuities) led to the economic war with Britain from 1932 to 1938.
I wonder did Joe Dolan ever see it given the “More and More and More and More and More ….”


‘Skipper for this storm too EAMON DE VALERA’ -Fianna Fail 1944 General Election Poster May 14, 2010

Got sent this gem from the 1944 general election. A Fianna Fail Poster ‘Skipper for this Storm Too’ EAMON DE VALERA
The ship symbolises neutral Ireland withDev at the helm.


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