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Flyer for Alex White, Aidan Culhane -Labour -Dublin South 2011 February 7, 2011

From the 2011 General Election campaign a flyer for Labour Dublin South candidates Alex White and Aidan Culhane. White is seen as the more likely of the two to win a seat, although two seats may not be out of the question.



Letter from Aidan Culhane -Labour -Dublin South -2011 General Election February 2, 2011

From the forthcoming 2011 General Election a leaflet from Labour Party Candidate Aidan Culhane running in Dublin South. Culhane who ran in 2007 is in contention for a seat.


Living with Management Companies -Public Meeting with Joan Burton and Aidan Culhane-22nd Sept 2010 September 18, 2010

Thought this of interest, a flyer for a meeting organised by Labour Councillor Aidan Culhane, with amongst others Joan Burton speaking, on how to deal with Management companies.
Ten years ago few of us had any dealings with them but the upsurge in Management companies was a side effect of the property boom. Most new Estates and Apartment Blocks rather than have the council maintain them had Management Companies. Indeed often (if not always) the first years management fee had to be paid when buying a property. Often Management Companies were set up by the developers so they made on the double.
As times have got harder its another bill that in the current climate is often back of the queue for paying, so in some developments less than 50% of homeowners would have paid.
There is also a problem that in some contracts, you cannot sell unless the management fees are up to date.
Might be an interesting talk.
Many thanks to the sender.


“Back To School” leaflet from Aidan Culhane Labour Party Dublin South 2010 August 16, 2010

Its not just the signs in shops, the ads in the papers, on the radio and on television that remind you that its back to school time…. its flyers from politicians too.
Here a recent flyer from Labour councillor Aidan Culhane with the Back to School theme also.
Various allowances and schemes are covered.



‘Elect’ Aidan Culhane Leaflet -Labour Party -2007 GE Dublin South May 7, 2010

From the 2007 General Election another leaflet from the Labour candidate Aidan Culhane. Aidan Culhane failed to get elected.
many thanks to the sender.



‘Do you want… more of the Same?’-Aidan Culhane -Labour Party- 2007 GE Dublin South March 27, 2010

From the 2007 general Election, a leaflet from Labour candidate Aidan Culhane running in Dublin South. The stark image of hospital trollyes are used to criticise the existing government.
Aidan Culhane didn’t win a seat.



‘Elect a Local TD’ Aidan Culhane-local man January 21, 2010

I love this little leaflet as its main target is the other Labour Candidate Alex White.

White had an office in the constituency, but didn’t live there. There was a small bit of fuss about it and next of all this leaflet appears!



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