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“No To EEC” – ITGWU 1972 Referendum on Entry to the EEC August 1, 2011

From the 1972 Referendum on Entry to the EEC a leaflet from the Irish Transport and General Workers Union urging a No vote in the referendum. It foresaw entry to the EEC as leading to job losses.

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2 Responses to ““No To EEC” – ITGWU 1972 Referendum on Entry to the EEC”

  1. Mick Ahern Says:

    I remember distributing this and similar leaflets at the time. I was a member of Sinn Féin (Gardiner Place) and we distributed all sort of anti-EEC leaflets in Muine Bheag and Carlow. There were a few of us Sticks, Joe Fanning (CPI), and a dissident member of Fine Gael. A local Labour Councillor contributed to the campaign by lending the Labour Party ladder.

    In our area the local ITGWU, like most of the Labour Party, gave no help. In fact the ITGWU Branch Secretary drove around with Fianna Fáil pro-EEC material in his rear window. We put up more posters and gave out more leaflets than our opponents. Unfortunately they got more votes!

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