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Jane Murphy -Christian Solidarity Party / Direct Democracy Ireland -Dublin South 2011 GE March 12, 2011

An unusual flyer this from 2011 Dublin South candidate Jane Murphy in that you have the candidate running for The CSP and also promoting another Party Direct Democracy Ireland. Oddly enough Raymond Whitehead also stood for Direct Democracy Ireland in Dublin South.
Jane Murphy polled 277 votes

DDI would like to make it clear that the CSP is a COMPLETE separate organisation with COMPLETE separate people running it. Separate religious agenda – where DDI has complete none – TOTALLY SEPARATE people running it’s rules and constitution and separate founders. Separate headquarters and again separate head-office location.


5 Responses to “Jane Murphy -Christian Solidarity Party / Direct Democracy Ireland -Dublin South 2011 GE”

  1. Mark P Says:

    Jesus, a candidate for Christian Solidarity and Direct Democracy, one of whose main issues is water fluoridation. It’s like a crank Venn Diagram.

  2. Jonathan V Says:

    Sorry, what’s happened here is Raymond Whitehead ran ONLY for Direct Democracy Ireland (DDI) & Jane Murphy ran ONLY for the Christian Solidarity Party. The reason her campaign literature featured the Direct Democracy info is because the Christian Solidarity Party supports it as a system.

    This is because one of the drawbacks of Direct Democracy is that far-right minorities can exploit the right by calling referenda on any moral quibbles they have. For example, it seems the basis of their platform is to oppose legalising abortion, even though we will be required to by EU law regardless of who is in Government.

    But they are in NO WAY connected to DDI and as far as I know they didn’t even get permission from DDI to use their website or campaign info in their literature. Not that they NEED permission but it gives the false impression our groups are connected.

    But I reject that ‘crank’ slur. Direct Democracy is a legitimate system of Government that’s proven to work in other countries like Switzerland and would solve so many of the problems we face in this country. It seems that anybody who presents ideas from outside the mainstream are immaturely dismissed as ‘cranks’.

    Having said that, I’ve no problem calling Christian Solidarity Party cranks. Screw ’em. ^_^

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