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Leaflet from Manus MacMeanmain -Christian Solidarity Party -Meath West February 22, 2011

From the 2011 General Election campaign a Leaflet from Manus MacMeanmain of The Christian Solidarity Party running in Meath West. Amongst other themes we have the CSP attack the bailout, State money being given to The Irish Family Planning Association and the media.


3 Responses to “Leaflet from Manus MacMeanmain -Christian Solidarity Party -Meath West”

  1. LeftAtTheCross Says:

    Homophobic pro-lifers!

    For a progressive secular society the alternative in Meath-West vote for the Workers’ Party candidate Séamus McDonagh:

  2. fraz1971 Says:

    At last. A party which ticks all the box’s and endorsed by the patriot Jim Corr.

    Socialists are Globalists and the life of the unborn child means noting to them. They are a British construct.

    I will vote for Liberty and for Life!

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