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Michael Enright , Catherine Murphy -The Workers Party -1989 European Elections Leinster January 5, 2011

From the 1989 European Elections a leaflet from the Workers Party candidates Wexford Councillor Michael Enright and Kildare based Town Councillor Catherine Murphy.
In the “Action Plan For Leinster” Forestry, Peatlands , ‘Reorganisation of agricultural production’ and the massive mineral resources at Navan are amongst the items mentioned.
The inside of the leaflet is almost totally EC focused.
There were high hopes that both Michael Enright and Catherine Murphy could put down a marker for future Dail progress. A General election was held on the same day and it was hoped that their candidacy in the Euro Elections would give them a boost.
Although the Workers Party vote increased from 1984s Euro Election, both candidates lost their deposits with a combined 4.38% of the vote.
In the General election Enrights vote actually fell, whilst Murphys 1,520 vote was decent enough in the circumstances (An ‘Army Wives’ candidate, Carol Tiernan also stood in Kildare polling 2,690 votes, some of which would have gone to Murphy).


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