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Ivor Callelys ‘Nike’ inspired ‘Just doing it… ” leaflet from 1997 December 10, 2010

From the 1997 General Election a ‘nike’ ad inspired leaflet from, a man known for his jogging around Clontarf ,Ivor Callely.
The ‘nike’ like tick and the similar  slogan.


One Response to “Ivor Callelys ‘Nike’ inspired ‘Just doing it… ” leaflet from 1997”

  1. theraggedwagon Says:

    Ivor: ”Bringing issues that effect us locally to the highest level in order to get things done” I just wonder what were the ‘issues’ in Clontarf that needed intervention from the ‘highest level’ ?

    Couldn’t he and his ilk just be honest and say on their leaflets: ”If you’ve got a problem, be assured that I’ll give it to someone, with much more clout than me, and who is higher up the food chain than me”

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