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“Open Letter to the citizens of Ireland” from the Irish Democratic Party October 12, 2010

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I was contacted by The Irish Democratic Party (IDP) with the below “Open Letter to the citizens of Ireland”.
Their Website is and they are “looking to recruit members, both registered and volunteer, to contribute to the IDP’s drive to get recognised as a political party and indeed towards our policies

To the Citizens of Our Republic,
Over the last two years the Irish public has witnessed the crushing deficit of leadership amongst our political representatives, and the flagrant disregard their actions have had for the common good of all our people. We, a group of ordinary concerned citizens, have now come together and wish to offer the people of Ireland the opportunity for real change. We are the Irish Democratic Party.
The Irish Democratic Party is a new political movement seeking to establish a democratic, accountable and verifiable republic in Ireland. We believe significant political reform is needed in order to achieve this – including:
* New directly-elected regional assemblies to manage regional affairs; replacing the failing council system
* True municipal government to build strong local communities; allowing community decisions to be made at a community level
* A directly-elected Executive branch of government; through a renewal of the role of the Office of the President
* The removal of wasteful or unaccountable public offices; including the Office of the Taoiseach
The re-establishment of the Initiative Process in our constitution; giving our citizens a stronger voice; and
* The removal of all vested interests from our Republic’s constitution and body of law
We are looking for new members to help us firmly establish this movement and directly challenge those who claim to represent us.
If you believe in a fairer and more open society in Ireland, accountable at a national, regional and municipal level, then join us today and help Rebuild Your Republic.
Irish Democratic Party

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