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‘Progress in Health’ -5 campaign bulletins from Mary Harney -Progressive Democrats 2007 September 27, 2010

During the 2007 Election Campaign The Progressive Democrats issued a Daily campaign Bulletin ‘Progress in Health’.
I’ve uploaded a selection of ones, from the 1st of May to the 7th of May 2007, in PDF format.
(I’ll upload another series of them at a later date)
‘Progress in Health’ -1st May -Home Care Packages
‘Progress in Health’ -2nd May -Hospitals Clean Up
‘Progress in Health’ -3rd May -A&E Improved 50%
‘Progress in Health’ -4th May -Medical Card Means Tests
‘Progress in Health’ -7th May – Cancer Treatments up 70%


3 Responses to “‘Progress in Health’ -5 campaign bulletins from Mary Harney -Progressive Democrats 2007”

  1. Kennet Mio Says:

    Who won these elections? Was this the most important part of their campaign?

    Best regards

    • Budapestkick Says:

      The PDs were almost completely wiped out in this election and folded soon afterwards. Unfortunately, their ex-leader remains health minister. The PDs fighting on a health platform was something of a mistake as they have done nothing to improve the health service and Harney (their health minister) has become something of a hate figure.

  2. […] Progress in Health(?) A lot of posters here are oft to post the "promises" that the current opposition made in the last GE. Most of these complaints surround economic policy. Have been googling to find FF election manifesto, but in all honesty was STOPPED in my tracks by these. I suppose these election leaflets are directed to those who constantly defend our current Minister…attempting to bamboozle us with alternate facts and figures to those which we would use to support the truth of the shambolic chaos which the Minister now oversees. http://irishelectionliterature.files…lletin3may.pdf This is the scariest…the left hand panel shows what A+E was like in 2007!! Here's the rest… ‘Progress in Health’ -5 campaign bulletins from Mary Harney -Progressive Democrtas 2007 … […]

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