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“Dail Wars” and “Pizza Delivery” Bizzare Flyers from the Young Progressive Democrats September 20, 2010

I was sent these gems (many thanks), I’m not sure if there was anything on the backs of them. Dail Wars and Pizza Delivery, totally bizarre. Mary Harney as Luke Skywalker!
I gather that they were produced by the Young Progressive Democrats around 2005.

pizza delivery

Mary Harney Luke Skywalker - Dail Wars


5 Responses to ““Dail Wars” and “Pizza Delivery” Bizzare Flyers from the Young Progressive Democrats”

  1. Pidge Says:

    Bizarre stuff. They were still giving them out at Freshers’ Week in 2006.

  2. Paddy C Says:

    I can confirm they are 100% real.

    Much like the other youth wings the YPDs often put out posters which were relevant to pop culture. The Dail Wars campaign coincided with the release of the Revenge of the Sith movie in 2005. There was noting on the back of the Dail Wars posters.

    IIRC the Pizza Delivery campaign had a picture of a pizza on the back, with toppings which referred to planks of PD policy.

  3. […] and finally ….. what were they thinking…. Mary Harney as Luke Skywalker? […]

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