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“Rapists Out, Out, Out of ….” Poster from bus stop last week September 12, 2010

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I found this plastered to the bus stop last week and it has been put up fairly widely.
For legal reasons I’ve blacked out where it refers to as it may be a specific case.
I’m not sure who is behind it and am pretty sure it has nothing to do with Larry Murphy.


2 Responses to ““Rapists Out, Out, Out of ….” Poster from bus stop last week”

  1. Liam60 Says:

    Maybe it refers to the FF party who’ve been raping the entire country for years? Certainly, currupting the powers-that-be is grist to the mill for that lot.

  2. RepublicanSocialist1798 Says:

    I would like to state for the record that I did not see that in Baltinglass.

    Still that stop the pedophiles candidates one is better.

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