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Palestinian Flag with instructions from Shamrock Rovers Vs Bnei Yehuda -Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) July 15, 2010

A Palestinian Flag with instructions given out prior to the Europa League tie between Shamrock Rovers and Israeli team Bnei Yehuda in Tallaght. From the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC).
A 2005 Ireland V Israel Protest Leaflet is posted HERE.

which folded out into something like this…


7 Responses to “Palestinian Flag with instructions from Shamrock Rovers Vs Bnei Yehuda -Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC)”

  1. George Kelly Says:

    Delighted to see that NOBODY waved any Palestine flags at anytime during last nights Europa cup in Tallaght Stadium!


  2. A.G Says:

    Total discrace. Good news that no one in the ground was complicit in this hate mongering. No place for jew baiters in Irish football grounds.

    • Gareth Smith Says:

      Quite right! but plenty of space for those hateful of Israeli government Gaza genocide, torture, home demolitions, the Apartheid wall, the siege of gaza, incarceration of 650 Palestinian children AND MPs, and so on and so on ad nauseum. Support the boycott of Israel until it adheres to international law for at the moment it is a rogue state, a pariah.

  3. Nikita Says:

    Pretty sure these leaflets were just leftovers from the Ireland-Israel game back in 2005. Not made exclusively for the Rovers match.

    @A.G: You really missed the point of the demo mate. Try reading a book about the subject, you’ll learn something about Palestine and hopefully improve your spelling, that typo of ‘disgrace’ was unfortunate.

    Victory to the Hoops in Tel Aviv!

  4. jocurry Says:

    keep politics out of football , lets go an stand out side israeli embasy and peacefully protest

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