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Dublin Abortion Information Campaign Leaflet -1992 Referendum on Abortion, Travel and Information May 19, 2010

From the 1992 Abortion Referendum a leaflet produced by the Dublin Abortion Information Campaign.
The referendum took place in the aftermath of the X Case. The Leaflet is advertising a Rally and also asking voters to..

VOTE NO to this attempt to reverse the Supreme Court ruling. It allowed a 14-year old girl, pregnant by a rapist, the right to have an abortion rather than face suicide.
The proposed wording would condemn some women to death.
VOTE YES to the right to travel for abortion. 5,000 13TH do each year, but at present they can be stopped.
VOTE YES to allow women information on abortion, and counselling on all the options in a crisis pregnancy.


3 Responses to “Dublin Abortion Information Campaign Leaflet -1992 Referendum on Abortion, Travel and Information”

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  2. dotski Says:

    Gosh, that leaflet brings me back….

    There was a lot more than that produced by DAIC and REAC at the time, though, IIRC. Mags Glennon I’m sure would have a good archive if you’d like more (she’s in Westmeath these days, but Cieran Perry would have a contact for her)

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