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Count Plunkett Election Badge 1918 (?) Roscommon May 2, 2010

An election badge for Count Plunkett from either the 1917 by election or 1918 General Election ( “Election of the Snows”) for the Roscommon constituency where he was returned.
Many thanks to Liam Byrne


4 Responses to “Count Plunkett Election Badge 1918 (?) Roscommon”

  1. Liam Byrne Says:

    My guess is that this was for the 1918 election? The “Election of the Snows” in 1917 might not have been so well organised on the ephemera front – though it was expertly so on the voting side. I’d imagine the publicity machine that made this badge would have been in it’s infancy in the earlier joust! I’d be delighted to hear from anyone who thinks differently or has any proof otherwise?

  2. The fact of no Party name and the shamrock shape might suggest 1917 rather than the Gen Election since he wasn’t actually a Sinn Féin candidate at the bye election.

  3. Sean Neary. Says:

    There is a strong possibility that the lapel badge is from the Feb 1917 election.
    1. Sinn Fein is not referred to.
    2. A similar badge was in evidence 2 months later for the election of Joe McGuinness and is dated by the reference there-on i.e. ‘Vote for the man in jail.’ joe was not in jail for the General election of 1918 but was returned un -opposed. It is fair to say that the fall of the British Empire commenced with this move to the Ballot paper and abstention in Roscommon.
    Sean Neary.

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