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UK Election…. My Grandfather worked in mines… Your family owned them! April 29, 2010

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I saw this and couldn’t resist posting it. The Labour candidate Dan Norris contrasts himself to the Tory candidate Jacob Rees-Mogg. You wouldn’t be exactly thrilled if you were the Tory candidate.

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4 Responses to “UK Election…. My Grandfather worked in mines… Your family owned them!”

  1. ancruiskeenlawnmower Says:

    Great stuff, I take it Mogg is kin to the former BBC DG?

  2. According to Wikipedia he is the son of William Rees-Mogg.
    He is married to the wonderfully named heiress Helena de Chair.
    The have a son who is far from named after a Coronation Street star……
    Peter Theodore Alphege

  3. nahummer Says:

    That’s great! It couldn’t demonstrate any clearer what a vote for the Conservative party represents – a vote for the elite. A Tory majority this Thursday will be a disaster for the ‘other’ 99%!

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