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Éirígí -‘Smash NAMA’ pamphlet advertising protest at Anglo Irish Bank. April 26, 2010

From 24th April 2010, an Éirígí Smash NAMA pamphlet advertising a protest at Anglo Irish Bank. A number of Éirígí activists occupied the bank. It was the anniversary of the Easter rising. Many thanks to the donor


2 Responses to “Éirígí -‘Smash NAMA’ pamphlet advertising protest at Anglo Irish Bank.”

  1. Nemesis Says:

    Corporate Governance can only work if it is implemented by an independent organisation otherwise it is self regulation which will never work as was seen with Anglo Irish Bank seemed to tolerate low standards in high places and obviously ran a Golden Circle I am aware that they currently have on a debtors list a current sitting high court judge who is using his clout to prevent his name been released The same judge has set himself up a Foundation in the UK for £82m sterling using his wife’s name initials are” RW” and his late mother in law’s age The judges wife who instigated this deception – a non practising barrister and company secretary within the IT industry – believes the justice system her husband administers does not apply to them The address for residency he is using is currently been investigated to see if the house is occupied or empty and the registered business address appears to be one where correspondence is just sent on to the person concerned Since a public search done on the deceptive foundation was made public and his mother in law’s death registration confirmed 23rd March 2010. On the 24th March 2010 the judge submitted a no members list to Companies House UK the judge repeated history with that move as in March 2003 he did the same with two other companies registered with Companies House UK and he moved those companies out to Liberia whether Sean Fitzpatrick disgraced Chairman of Anglo Irish Bank gave him any advice on that one I don’t; know as Sean Fitzpatrick is known to have business interests in Liberia

    The judge has been using the assets for his own personal use since his mother died nine years ago well with £82m lodged in a bank account a person could quite easily live off the interest alone All indications are that the judge made one substantial payment with the assets in 2005 with what appears to be false admissions to substantiate the payment which was a settlement on a child he had fathered in 1987 when she turned 18 using assets that were not his The bank he was using to make the payment was Allied Irish Bank another bank bailed out by the state Circuit Court records exist which show the case that occurred between himself as the father and the mother of the child a truculent girlfriend The mother of the child bought herself a ancestry title with some of the money settled on her daughter His friends at the time who knew of the situation he found himself include a former politician now a chairman of an international charity and a barrister and accountant who was an investigator on one of the original bank investigations in the 1990’s

    This fraudulent settlement as the person he defamed has documents and medical records to prove what she is saying, occurred 2 years after he covered up an identity fraud his sister had carried out in 2003 His sister had bought and sold a house using false identity papers to of all people a barrister and her husband The judge used the clout and influence he had to cover up the fraud The judges mother had left a letter to the person defrauded with her solicitor, who in a taped conversation late summer 2004 would not give a direct no to the letters existence The Law Society were written to in 2004 in respect of a letter left by the judges mother in what she thought was her solicitors safe keeping The Law Society wrote to say they could not intervene as he was the solicitor for the estate and not the complainants solicitor That was an example of the limits on a self regulatory body The judges role in all of this was a example of intimidation which according to The Imperial Dictionary says” using a sphere of influence to control or to silence others” He had also implemented controlling actions that he had informed third parties he would do Which if the average person had attempted would not have been taken notice of as a barrister commented on one of the actions. However as a judge he was listened to and after three months of court dramatics the case was lost by the judge and his family However the judge or one of his family did use the document from that case he lost which means they are now in contempt of court

    He is now trudging around the different parties involved in these frauds with a DNA test he claims proves his point however it is a false on as its result is too high and he could only get a maximum of 50 percent proof of a test between “supposed siblings” according to a lecturer in Genetics at one of Ireland’s Universities. This was 20% lower than what was stated on paperwork from the company who did the test instead of which this result came back at 99.97% but far be it for the facts of the case to spoil a good fraud carried out by a Judge He then tried to claim one of persons tested could be the mother as she was impersonating for the fraud the real mother who was dead However his problem there is the impersonator has signed documents lodged with the Companies Registration Office Ireland showing she was in another part of Ireland on the day when one or more of the documents lodged with the courts service showing the person she was impersonating was elsewhere and the signatures can’t match

    It would be very unusual for a barrister to have accumulated that type of income in their career and certainly not in the type of advocacy this judge did as a barrister where most of his came from state funded court cases He only appeared in one tribunal and that was in a small way his earnings for that tribunal in the 1980s were I believe £40,000 IR It is very much a case of “do as I say not as I do” and low standards in high places as this judge is one of the most prominent judges in the central criminal courts and he is overseeing justice to others He was already off the bench for 11 months in 2008 however the Court Service decided to reinstate him in January 2009 and currently the Court Service and his fellow judges consider him fit to practice on the bench

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