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Michael Gleeson-South Kerry Independent Alliance (SKIA) 1999 LE. December 16, 2009

All Ireland Medal winner Michael Gleeson of SKIA from the 1999 local elections.

In 1999 he wanted to abolish holy hour on a Sunday

There were issues around potential conflicts of Interests of councillors. Hence “I Have no vested interest in any property in Killarney”.
As a tourist attraction, Michael Gleeson also wanted a GAA Museum in Killarney (I suppose the rest of the country needs to be reminded how good Kerry are at the football, even on holidays).
Lots more here besides.


One Response to “Michael Gleeson-South Kerry Independent Alliance (SKIA) 1999 LE.”

  1. Jillian O'Neill Says:

    Dear Sir
    I am an undecided voter and am emailing all canditates.
    There are a few issues that concern me.
    Where do you stand on the role of trade unions in the country?
    What is your opinion on the Irish abortion laws in Ireland?
    I am a civil engineer still working in the industry but not as an engineer and am down 150euro weekly in wages. What are your plans to get the country working.
    Luckily I do not have any mortgage or loans, but my savings and investments are reduced severely.
    As a single mother I do not have the option to leave nor would I want to, but I do have grave concerns for my and my child’s future.
    Where do you stand on political reform and what form would it take.
    Finally is there any party you would not go into government with and why.
    Thank you for your time.
    Jillian O’Neill

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