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Podcast -The South Kerry Independent Alliance May 6, 2021

Founded in late 1993, The South Kerry Independent Alliance has been one of the most successful of our small parties as they still hold a seat on Kerry County Council.

You’ll find material from the Party here

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Video from Michael Gleeson- South Kerry Independent Alliance- Kerry South 2011 General Election March 13, 2011

A video from Michael Gleeson the South Kerry Independent Alliance candidate running in Kerry South. Gleeson polled 4,939 votes and narrowly missed out on a seat.


Manifesto for Michael Gleeson- South Kerry Independent Alliance -Kerry South February 15, 2011

From the 2011 General Election Campaign the Manifesto for Michael Gleeson of the South Kerry Independent Alliance running in Kerry South.
An All Ireland Medal winner, the retired teacher is in with an outside chance in what is surely going to be one hell of a fight for the final seat.
Many thanks to the candidate for posting this to me.



Michael Gleeson-South Kerry Independent Alliance (SKIA) 1999 LE. December 16, 2009

All Ireland Medal winner Michael Gleeson of SKIA from the 1999 local elections.

In 1999 he wanted to abolish holy hour on a Sunday

There were issues around potential conflicts of Interests of councillors. Hence “I Have no vested interest in any property in Killarney”.
As a tourist attraction, Michael Gleeson also wanted a GAA Museum in Killarney (I suppose the rest of the country needs to be reminded how good Kerry are at the football, even on holidays).
Lots more here besides.



Michael Gleeson – South Kerry Independent Alliance (SKIA) 2009 October 7, 2009

Another small party – The South Kerry Independent Alliance (SKIA).  Its been running since 1995 at least. As far as I know, ex Kerry footballer, Michael Gleeson has been its only successful candidate to date.

South Kerry Independent Alliance was formed by ex Labour members in South Kerry, Gleeson is a former Labour Party member. This is just a flyer I shall put up the full SKIA doc in due course.


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