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Betty Coffey -Fianna Fail -Dun Laoghaire 1989 November 22, 2009

Betty (Elizabeth in some records) Coffey stood in both the 1989 and 1992 General Elections for Fianna Fail in Dub Laoghaire. In this 1989 election she was just 26 votes behind party colleague Brian Hillery when she ws eliminated, Hillery was elected. Although not so much here, a lot of her other literature promoted her ‘Liberal Agenda’.


3 Responses to “Betty Coffey -Fianna Fail -Dun Laoghaire 1989”


    I recomend Betty Coffey as I knew her since September 1992 when she made us a visit to Sialkot, Pakistan.
    I also met with her when I went to Dun laoghaire during 1997.
    I know both Ted & Betty for many years and find them person of word and commitment.
    I wish her success in elections! …Cheers (Nauman Dodhy)

  2. Humayun Says:

    We used to work with Mr Tedd Coffey late 90s I found him very good and reliable/cooperative/trustworthy person.Although there were many mistakes from us but he always cooperate in Excellen/Good manners.I never went in IRELAND since we met last time.

    Sorry Tedd and Betty.

    Both are highly recommended to VOTE.

    Best Regards.



  3. Humayun Says:

    Feedback sent from Humayun,Sialkot.Pakistan

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