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The Community Party -Letterkenny UDC 1985 September 24, 2009

I know nothing about this Party or its policies. Sean Maloney later joined the Labour Party and then Fine Gael.

Letterkenny has another small party these days represented on the council “The Letterkenny Residents Party” which I have no literature for but would love to get some. I gather they may be a break away from The Socialist Party.


2 Responses to “The Community Party -Letterkenny UDC 1985”

  1. Damien B Says:

    The LK Residents Party has a connection to the Socialist Party in that they share some faces – one of their spokespeople was a SP candidate in ’04- but beyond that there’s no real connection. The Residents Party grew from a grouping of residents groups in the town, formed after the ’04 locals. The group was involved in campaigns and protests against a number of things over the five years, and succesfuly had a candidate elected in June ’09.

    If I can track down their literature, I’ll get it across to you. The flyer was quite well produced.

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