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“They Shall Not Pass! 80 years of Fighting Fascism” 12th Nov -Unite The Union October 31, 2016

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“They Shall Not Pass! 80 years of Fighting Fascism” a series of talks related to the Spanish Civil War organised by Anti Fascist Action and Unite on the 12th of November in Unite The Union, Middle Abbey Street.



“Keep Water Public, Reject TTIP” Leaflet from the TTIP Information Network June 11, 2015

“Keep Water Public, Reject TTIP” a leaflet from the TTIP Information Network. Their website.
Many thanks to the sender.


A series of Vote No to ‘Croke Park 2’ posters April 16, 2013

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A series of Vote No to ‘Croke Park 2’ posters produced by an alliance of a number of Unions.
Many thanks to the sender.


“A Spectacle of Defiance and Hope -Stop tearing the hearts out of our Communities” -Dec 10th City Hall December 4, 2010

A Leaflet for “A Spectacle of Defiance and Hope” to be held at City Hall on December 10th 2010.

“On December 10th, a broad range of communities, community and youth organisations, trade unions, cultural groups, students and campaigning organisations from Dublin and beyond are coming together to participate in a Radical Spectacle. The heart is literally being ripped out of our communities and this affects the country as a whole. The Spectacle will be an act of Creative Resistance to the redundant policies of a redundant regime.

This day is United Nations International Day of Human Rights around the world and is an appropriate moment to mobilise. The Spectacle’s participative, imaginative and heartfelt approach will demonstrate that there is another way to a more equal and a more just Ireland. The Spectacle says STOP this madness of punishing ordinary people for the mistakes of others.
more details HERE



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