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Ivor Callely 2009 Newsletter includes a section “How to cope through Difficulties’ August 5, 2010

From the 2009 local elections Ivor Callelys newsletter. Its a promo for himself and his son Ronan Callely who was running for Dublin City Council in the Clontarf ward. Callely junior wasn’t elected.
The contents of the newsletter , given recent revelations, is somewhat ironic.
There are many individuals and families that need help now” writes Ivor before continuing “I want to send a clear message, no one is alone in their personal difficulties, help and support is out there.
On Savings and Investments Ivor suggests ‘you seek professional advice before you make any decision.’ Difficulties with Mortgages are also covered.

There are tips from Callely junior on ‘Looking for a job‘, There is also mentions of “Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS)”
the final call is one for Ivor to organise ‘House Meetings‘, ‘The impact of the current difficulties is real and the answer to our difficulties is not beyond our reach.’

Newsletter in pdf

Ivor Callely



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