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Joseph Curley, Paul Hayes, Brendan Holland, Patrick D Ryan – Chamber of Commerce candidates- 1974 Local Elections Galway November 1, 2010

These are from the 1974 Local Elections for Galway Borough Council. Joseph Curley, Paul Hayes, Brendan Holland and Patrick D Ryan running for the local Chamber of Commerce.
As was common in many Irish Towns (Sligo and Thurles were two others that had Chamber of Commerce candidates and councillors in the past) The local Chamber of Commerce fielded candidates in the Local Elections.
In this election the Galway Chamber of Commerce went into this election with 2 councillors and both lost their seats. It was one of the shocks of the election locally.
As far as I’m aware the Galway Chamber of Commerce have not fielded any candidates since 1974.
Another one taken from the Galway Adertiser.



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