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‘Donnycarney’ Booklet with History of the area issued by the Donnycarney Branch of the Labour Party mid 70’s July 22, 2013

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‘Donnycarney’ A lovely booklet with a History of the area, some poetry and local issues issued by the Donnycarney Branch of the Labour Party. I suspect its from the mid 70’s as it mentions Labour being in government (although it could be anytime up until 1985 when Paddy Dunne lost his council seat).
Many thanks to the sender.

“The Donnycarney booklet is pretty interesting of itself, as I lived there for a few years, but the relevance is that it was put together by the local Labour Party. I can only guess when it might have been issued, sometime in the 70s or first half of the 80s, and it’s what I can best describe as fanzine quality – a few A4 sheets folded and held together with a staple.”




Leaflet from Conor Cruise O’Brien, Joe O’Connor, Paddy Dunne -Labour – 1973 General Election Dublin North East April 4, 2012

From the 1973 General Election a flyer from Labour Party Dublin North East candidates Conor Cruise O’Brien, Joe O’Connor and Paddy Dunne. Cruise O’Brien was elected with 7,774 votes, Dunne polled 3,106 votes and missed out whilst O’Connor polled 1,451 votes.
Paddy Dunne was a longstanding Labour Councillor and former Lord Mayor of Dublin who stood in numerous General Elections without success. In 1981 he was nominated to the Seanad.
Joe O’Connor ran again a year later in the Local Elections but failed to win a seat.
Conor Cruise O’Brien had first been elected in 1969 and after this 1973 election was appointed to cabinet as Minister for Posts and Telegraphs. He lost his seat in 1977 and served two years in the Seanad. He later joined Robert McCartneys United Kingdom Unionist Party and was elected to the Northern Ireland Forum. He is also well known as a writer of many books and a columnist with the Irish Independent.
Many thanks to the sender.



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