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‘Dear Friend’ -Bertie Ahern Letter to Electors 1992 Dublin Central March 19, 2010

From the 1992 General Election in Dublin Central. A letter from Bertie Ahern to constituents. ‘Dear Friend’ it begins with…..
Amongst other things, Bertie writes that he has “one simple aim in life as a public representative: to work with the community of Dublin-Central in improving the quality of life for as many constituents as possible.”


Olga Bennett- ‘Why Me?’- Fianna Fail 1992 November 1, 2009

1992 and Dubli Central had been dramatically redrawn. Twice Dublin West candidate and Cllr for Ballyfermot Senator Olga Bennett finds herself on the Fianna Fail ticket with Bertie Ahern and Dermot Fitzpatrick.
Despite using the title of Linda Mrtins Eurovision winning song as a slogan she polled 1,087 votes and Aherns healthy surplus wasn’t enough to help herself or Dermot Fitzpatrick over the line.




Fianna Fail- Dublin Central 1992 – Bertie Ahern, Olga Bennett, Dermot Fitzpatrick September 24, 2009

1992 Dublin Central, with redrawn boundaries, the constituency is reduced to 4 seats and of the 3 sitting Fianna Fail TDs,  John Stafford moves to Dublin North Central (where he lost out). Bertie romps home but neither of his running mates are elected despite Fianna Fail
having almost two quotas.
A number of Flyers wuith profiles of the candidates , ‘Bertie Gets the job done’, whilst Olga Bennett was ‘born into a Fianna Fail family’,whilst Dermot Fitzpatrick was ‘born ,reared and lives in the constituency’.



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