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“Dublin 15 Update” -Leo Varadkar Post Election Newsletter May 10, 2011

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From Fine Gael TD for Dublin West , and new Minister, Leo Varadkar his “Dublin 15 Update” newsletter.
Aside from the big news of “Queen Elizabeth to visit West Dublin”,amongst other things Leo issues a big ‘thank you’ to voters and Sets out his priorities.
Many thanks to the sender.



Letter and email from Leo Varadkar -Fine Gael -Dublin West February 24, 2011

Many thanks to the sender who notes…
The Deputy declares that this has been a short campaign so he hasn’t been able to get around everywhere.
In the attached he describes it as a long and difficult campaign.
Also on the back of the attached – Side 2 – he provides a sample ballot paper; it omits Clement Esebamen – the only Independent and non-Irish candidate.

Leos Email to those on his mailing list

Dear *****,
As the election campaign draws to a close, I am writing to thank you for the courtesy and time that you extended to me and my canvass team at homes, shopping centres, train stations and church gates across the constituency. It has been a relatively short campaign and unfortunately it was not possible for us to canvass everyone personally. I am sorry if I did not get to meet you in person on this occasion.
Many voters are very angry about all that has happened to our economy and country in the past few years. Some are dismayed and disillusioned about politics and do not see any hope for the future no matter who is in power.
But, there is always hope. The next few years are going to be tough but Ireland has triumphed over adversity in the past and with the right people and the right policies, we can do so again. The first step is a change of government. Fine Gael is best placed to offer stable government and safe change with our Five Point Plan led by our strong front bench team. Our plan will (1) reform and reduce the cost of politics; (2) end the two-tier health system; (3) balance the budget by 2016 while keeping taxes down; (4) invest in the economy and support business in order to create jobs; and (5) transform our public sector to provide better services for tax-payers and a better place to work for public servants.
Unlike other parties, Fine Gael has stayed positive throughout this campaign and has promoted our plan rather just attacking other the plans of other parties.
Recent polls suggest that Fine Gael might be able to form a government on our own.

The country needs strong and stable government so that we can regain our economic independence. Governing with the help of independents or in coalition with the Labour Party is far from ideal. We want to maximise the number of seats we win so that our plan will not be diluted and we can ensure that the new government will last. Dublin West could deliver that crucial 83rd seat.

For this reason, we are going all out to take two seats in Dublin West. To do this, we are asking our supporters to vote tactically. Therefore I am asking all Fine Gael supporters living in Kieran’s electoral area of Blanchardstown, Clonsilla, Mulhuddart and Clonee/Ongar to give Kieran Dennison their No. 1 vote and to give me their No. 2 vote. I am still asking people living in Castleknock and Swords to give me their No. 1 vote.

Polls are open from 7am to 10pm on Friday. In the unlikely event that your polling card has not arrived, you can still vote so long as you are registered to do so. Do not forget to bring identification with you.

Yours faithfully
P.S. We are emailing you on foot of previous correspondence with my team. If you not like to receive future emails, please let me know by reply.

The Letter



Letter from Leo Varadkar -Fine Gael -Dublin West -2011 General Election February 2, 2011

From the 2011 General Election Campaign a letter to voters in Dublin West from Fine Gael TD Leo Varadkar. Amongst Leos points in the letter are that “Ireland does not need a Left Led Government”.

Many thanks to the sender.



Leo Varadkar invite to ‘Evening with Enda’ 2006 April 26, 2010

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From March 2006 , A Leo Varadkar leaflet advertising both his forthcoming candidacy at the General Election and an ‘Evening with Enda’. It has a good bio of the candidate.



12 reasons to vote for Leo Varadkar -Fine Gael 2007 General election- Dublin West February 10, 2010

One of Fine Gael candidate Leo Varadkars election flyers from the 2007 General election in Dublin West.
Leo claims to have been the only “..candidate…
…who has had to suffer the nightmare of commuting from Dublin 15 to the city centre, Tallaght, Crumlin, Beaumont and Swords for the past four years”.
…who has to pay management fees.”
Fine Gael were also going to introduced an SSIA type scheme for first time buyers.



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