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Cancer Awareness Information Leaflet from Fianna Fail TD Noel O’Flynn July 9, 2010

A Cancer Awareness Information Leaflet from Fianna Fail TD for Cork North Central Noel O’Flynn.
A surely worthy venture from O’Flynn.
He writes….
Over a number of years, I have lost both family and friends to Cancer.
There is not a household in the country, which has escaped this scourge in some shape or form.
In this leaflet I hope to outline and make people aware of various types of Cancer that have affected many people of this country.
My soul purpose for this Newsletter is to heighten awareness and extend useful information and also provided information with regards to support groups for this terrible illness..

Many thanks to the sender.



Kathleen O’Meara -Labour Party -Tipperary North 2007 GE March 10, 2010

From the 2007 General Election, former Labour Party Senator Kathleen O’Meara running in Tipperary North. The leaflet is focused on both ‘Labour’s 5 commitments for change’ and local issues in Ballina such as a new bridge.
Kathleen O’Meara had previously been a journalist in RTE, she is currently Head of Advocacy and Communications at the
Irish Cancer Society.



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