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Tom Doodle Monster Election Rally photo-Listowel 1951 General Election. February 26, 2010

Found this old pic at home (I have also seen it in various books on Listowel and North Kerry).
This is a photo of a rally held in Listowel for the election of ‘Tom Doodle’. Prior to the 1951 General Election John B Keane had set up a fictitious political party, the Independent Coulogeous Party, complete with a fictitious candidate, Tom Doodle, who appeared at a ‘Monster Rally’ in Listowel. The picture is from that rally.

A Fergal Keane article about Tom Doodle explains it all… or almost all.

Theres also a short youtube clip of John B Keane talking about Tom Doodle.
I’ve also attached a pic of a class in Listowel taken during the fifties. Notice how many boys are shoeless…



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