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Podcast – Father Paddy Ryan Campaign in the 1989 European Elections -Episode 19 October 15, 2020

This Episode cover the 1989 European Elections campaign of Father Paddy Ryan as well as his background and the issue of Extradition in the 1980’s

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Leaflet from Father Paddy Ryan -Independent -1989 European Elections -Munster October 7, 2020

From the 1989 European Elections a leaflet from Father Paddy Ryan who was running as an Independent Anti Extradition Candidate in Munster. He polled 30,934 votes and missed out on a seat

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“Father Ryan is a man of the people” -Father Paddy Ryan – Independent – 1989 European Elections -Munster January 20, 2012

From the 1989 European Elections Father Paddy Ryan an Independent Republican running in Munster. Father Ryan was subject of an extradition request from Britain which was denied. He polled a respectable 30,934 votes but failed to win a seat.
More info on Father Ryan here


Paul Kane – ‘Framed by a Supergrass’ -Irish Anti Extradition Committee 1988 December 21, 2009

Paul Kane was one of the 38 prisoners that escaped the Maze Prision in 1983.Extradition was a big issue in the Republic all throughout the troubles. Despite the quotes from Charles Haughey and Gerry Collins on the back of the leaflet, Paul Kane was extradited in 1989. The Quotes from Haughey and Collins also illustrate how throughout the Troubles Fianna Fails policies shifted to populist Republican ones most often when in opposition.
Others mentioned as awaiting extradition in the leaflet include Dermote Finucance, brother of the late Pat Finucane and former MP and election agent for Bobby Sands, Owen Carron.



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