Irish Election Literature

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Phil Kearney -Green- 1985 LE Ballybrack November 4, 2009

This is from the 1985 Local election,  Ballybrack ward.  Apologies that the scan is so poor. I’ll try and redo it in due course.
Looking back a quarter of a century on, a number of things stand out, amongst them,
‘Stop and Reverse the Growth of Dublin’
A sign of the times too that Acid Rain was seen as the big threat as Global Warming wasn’t known about.
‘Energy Efficient homes- major insulation scheme needed to stop hypothermia, ‘
‘An end to Land Rezoning / Speculation scandal. Tax unused property.’
‘Double Jobbing- Councillors should not also be T.Ds or Euro M.P.s’.
Sellafield still known as Windscale.
Also the reference to Bishopscourt peace camp, which was a camp beside bishopscourt radar base in Co Down that ran from 1983 to 1986.
Theres a pamphlet from Bishopscourt here



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