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Leaflet from Paul O’Farrell – Sinn Féin – Cabra Glasnevin #LE19 May 17, 2019

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A Leaflet from Paul O’Farrell running for Sinn Féin in Cabra Glasnevin for a seat on Dublin City Council.
Many thanks to the sender.


One Response to “Leaflet from Paul O’Farrell – Sinn Féin – Cabra Glasnevin #LE19”

  1. Ellie O'Reilly Says:

    Paul will definitely be getting my vote. So many of these candidates had never stepped foot in our constituency before running for it, whereas Paul was born, raised and has raised his own children here. The work he’s done on behalf of our community for the last 20 years cannot be overlooked. He is someone who has proven that he cares what happens here time after time and someone who I wholeheartedly trust to fight for me and us. I’m not normally a SF voter but I’m happy for this to be my first time.

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