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Leaflet from Peigin Doyle – Official Sinn Fein – Dublin South Central -1973 General Election July 21, 2014

From the 1973 General Election a leaflet from Peigin Doyle who was running for Official Sinn Fein in Dublin South Central. She polled 1521 votes and missed out on a seat. She also stood in the 1974 Local Elections in Pembroke/Rathmines polling 962 votes and also missing out on a seat.
I’m told Charlie Bird was her Election Agent.
Many thanks to the person who passed on the following link which contains a series of archive Workers Party Material




2 Responses to “Leaflet from Peigin Doyle – Official Sinn Fein – Dublin South Central -1973 General Election”

  1. Justin Moran Says:

    ‘Put people before profit’

    The more things change….!

  2. NollaigO Says:

    “People before profits” What’s the betting that The Socialist Workers Movement at the time decried the lack of class content in such slogans?

    Have I missed something? The 1973 general election and not a single reference to the struggle in the North!

    Is Peigín Doyle still a supporter of the Workers Party?

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