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Leaflet from Martin Byrne -Direct Democracy Ireland -Naas -2014 Local Elections May 10, 2014

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A leaflet from Martin Byrne who is running for Direct Democracy Ireland in Naas for a seat on Kildare County Council.
He is on Twitter @martinbyrne1968
The Campaign Facebook Page
His profile on the DDI site
Many thanks to the sender.



One Response to “Leaflet from Martin Byrne -Direct Democracy Ireland -Naas -2014 Local Elections”

  1. Martin Byrne Says:

    I decided to join Direct Democracy after witnessing the un-ending parade of unfair taxes, charges and cut backs by government parties that no longer listen or represent the interests of the people of Ireland. I realized that if things were going to change the people had to be able to have a real say in the running of the county.

    By giving the people real control of their county councillors through Direct Democracy the people can bit by bit take back control of our county and then our country.

    Unlike councillors from other political parties who make all the decisions for you without ever consulting you until the next election comes around. A Direct Democracy councillor would be the only member of a county council who would vote on council proposals based solely on the expressed requirements of the majority of the people of the Naas Municipal area.

    As a Direct Democracy councillor it would be my job to notify the people of every future plan the council has that would affect the people of the Naas Municipal area. The people would then have direct access to me as a council member through online forums telephone or letter for the full term of my councillorship to propose whatever issue the community think needs to be addressed or what position the direct democracy council member should take on a particular subject. I would adhere to the majority will of the people on every issue giving the citizen a real voice for the first time ever in the running in our local government.

    Direct Democracy councillors are also the only representatives that will adhere to political re-call giving the public the power to remove any Direct Democracy councillor ,TD or MEP that fails to live up to their promises.

    Phone : 0877649902

    twitter : Martin ‏@martinbyrne1968

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