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“Students and Sinn Fein” Leaflet from 1983 August 20, 2012

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“Students and Sinn Fein” a leaflet issued by the Sinn Fein Youth Department explaining Sinn Feins policies, their support for the IRA and issues that impact students. It also has a cartoon of a ‘Quite short history of Ireland’ on the front.
Thanks to those who dated the leaflet for me as being from 1983.
Many thanks to the sender.


2 Responses to ““Students and Sinn Fein” Leaflet from 1983”

  1. Robert Emmet Says:

    Excellent find! Just a shame that Sinn Féin were not elected to the Dáil in 2011 in order to implement their policies of just and equitable taxation and a social democratic sharing of wealth for the good of all. Still a lot to do to undo the extensive damage caused to our country by Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael are making the same mistakes. For 2016, Ireland needs Sinn Fein in power, hopefully without Fine Gael or Fianna Fail.

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