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Leaflet from Caroline Forde ( Quinn candidate) -Cavan Monaghan -2011 General Election June 26, 2012

From the 2011 General Election a leaflet from Independent Candidate Caroline Forde who was running in Cavan Monaghan. Forde , an employee of the Quinn group was seen as the Sean Quinn candidate and was tipped by many as an outside chance of a seat.
She endorsed “the proposals put forward by the Quinn family for Quinn insurance as by far the only viable solution which will maximise for the people of Cavan / Monaghan the full value and potential for growth, not just in jobs retention but jobs growth in the area.”
She polled 1912 votes and failed to win a seat.


One Response to “Leaflet from Caroline Forde ( Quinn candidate) -Cavan Monaghan -2011 General Election”

  1. Wendy Lyon Says:

    No mention of her support for Cllr Seamus Treanor, whose approach to the jobs crisis is basically: send all the furriners home.

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