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Matt Cullen -Young Ireland -1954 General Election Meath September 22, 2011

From the 1954 General Election Matt Cullen of Young Ireland who was running in Meath.
‘Young Ireland’ were a group/ party that contested the 1954 General Election fielding 3 candidates. Matthew Cullen in Meath – 155 votes
Eamon Halpin in Dublin South Central – 380 votes and Thomas Healy in Dublin North East – 502 votes.
There is little or nothing about the party available online. I presume that they were influenced by the ideas of the Young Irelanders of the 1800s. None of the three candidates listed appear to have stood in any other elections. There was no sign of Matt Cullen in the 1950 or 1955 Local Elections in Meath.
Should someone have any info on the party I’d love to get it.


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    ‘encourage elimination of bitterness’

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