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“Putting Small Business First” -Leaflet from Enda Kenny -Fine Gael -Mayo 2011 General Election July 14, 2011

“Putting Small Business First” a Leaflet from Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny from his 2011 General Election campaign in Mayo.

“Putting Small Business First” Embraces the 10 Principles of the Small Business Act:
I. Create an environment in which entrepreneurs and family businesses can thrive and entrepreneurship is rewarded
II. Ensure that honest entrepreneurs who have faced bankruptcy quickly get a second chance
III. Design rules according to the “Think Small First” principle
IV. Make public administrations responsive to SMEs’ needs
V. Adapt public policy tools to SME needs: facilitate SMEs’ participation in public procurement and better use of State Aid possibilities for SMEs.
VI. Facilitate SMEs’ access to finance and develop a legal and business environment supportive to timely payments in commercial transactions
VII. Help SMEs to benefit more from the opportunities offered by the Single Market
VIII. Promote the upgrading of skills in SMEs and all forms of innovation
IX. Enable SMEs to turn environmental challenges into opportunities
X. Encourage and support SMEs to benefit from the growth of markets

Many thanks to the candidate for sending it on.


One Response to ““Putting Small Business First” -Leaflet from Enda Kenny -Fine Gael -Mayo 2011 General Election”

  1. […] government like the last one likes to talk about ‘putting small business first‘  and emphasises the importance of these small businesses for the economy. Such rhetoric […]

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