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Leaflet from Peter Matthews -Fine Gael -Dublin South February 24, 2011

A leaflet from Peter Matthews (also known as ‘Banker’ Matthews) running for Fine Gael in Dublin South in the 2011 General Election.


3 Responses to “Leaflet from Peter Matthews -Fine Gael -Dublin South”

  1. Eric Says:

    The sooner Fine Gale get rid of that Hasbara Zionist shill Alan Shatter the better.

  2. Eddie McDaid Says:

    Hi Peter
    Congratulations on your recent election, I always knew that you would make an apperance on the National Stage and I wish you all the very best in your endevours.
    I do hope you do not get disillusioned aka George Lee, as we desperately need good honest and professionally competent people to get our country back on track.
    Well done and if you need anyone to light the Bonfire of the Bondholders you can count on me… I want to burn many others as well !!

    Dia guith

  3. theraggedwagon Says:

    Wasting his time Peter is as he’s going to die – like the rest of us.

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