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Leaflet from Joe Higgins -Socialist Party (United Left Alliance) -Dublin West February 24, 2011

From the 2011 General Election campaign a leaflet from Socialist Party MEP Joe Higgins running in Dublin West. Higgins is tipped to regain the seat he won in 2007.
Many thanks to the sender.


3 Responses to “Leaflet from Joe Higgins -Socialist Party (United Left Alliance) -Dublin West”

  1. Andrew Walton Says:

    An excellent leaflet, pointing out the real causes of the crisis and putting forward a programme for working class people, not the super-rich.

  2. Mick Ahern Says:

    Marvellous leaflet.

  3. […] Ruth Coppinger the change from Joe Higgins February material is that (as mentioned by Harry McGee) Connolly Hospital is an issue as is the new Household Tax. […]

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