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“Gissa Job” -Sean Connolly Farrell -Independent -Dublin South Central February 22, 2011

“Gissa Job” asks Independent candidate Sean Connolly Farrell running in Dublin South Central. When elected he will live off 30,000 pa and employ three other people from the rest of his TDs salary.


6 Responses to ““Gissa Job” -Sean Connolly Farrell -Independent -Dublin South Central”

  1. Michael McGrath Says:

    Sean is a decent left-wing candidate not a spoofer like Boyd Barrett or Joan Collins , ULA, who only want to feather their own nests!

  2. Nick Says:

    This is quality, he’d get at least a preference off me

  3. cornflakegirl Says:

    Took me a few reads of the leaflet to figure out if he was for real or was it a spoof. Now I know he’s for real I find myself asking whether it’s legal of him to use his TD salary to hire other people? Not sure why I think it isn’t but something just seems off about it to me. If however there is no legal problem then I think this is a brilliant idea and would love to see more TDs following suit.

  4. Martin Walsh Says:

    I like your thinking, I’ve just voted for you.

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