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Richard Boyd Barrett -People Before Profit (United Left Alliance)- Dun Laoghaire February 21, 2011

A flyer from People Before Profit (United Left Alliance) candidate Richard Boyd Barrett who is running in Dun Laoghaire. Boyd Barrett who polled over 4000 votes in the 2009 Local Elections is in with a chance of winning a seat.


8 Responses to “Richard Boyd Barrett -People Before Profit (United Left Alliance)- Dun Laoghaire”

  1. Michael McGrath Says:

    … providing that all such campaigns and organisations are of a distinctly Trotskist hue, like the SWP for instance , the PBP , and the Fund for the design and construction of a monument to the Fallen Comrade replete with megaphone , placard and all.

  2. Jim Rhatigan Says:

    These are the leaflets of a mob orator, a class warrior. a demagogue like Hitler or Stalin.
    To vote for the likes of Boyd Barrett would be jumping from the frying pan into the fire, he is a poison in Irish politics, a canker to be cut out.

    His Socialist Workers Party are the real Nazis of our age: The Nazis has the same Party title, the National Socialist Workers Party!!!

    Boyd Barrett takes over where they left off , there is no overt racism but all the rest of the nihilistic destructive policies are there. They have the most negative economic and financial policies in the Western hemisphere , they stand against everyting and for nothing as they now attempt to use the crisis to get themselves elected and carve a Soviet State out of Ireland.
    Avoid Boyd Barrett and his Partei Apparatus like the plague!


  3. Steven Says:

    On the upside he has a great taste for designer shirts. When Richard Boyd-Barrett is about you can be sure that he’s well togged out!

  4. Captain Rock Says:

    A wanker and an idiot posting above. McGrath, go back to your agitation with the NSIWP.

  5. Sigmund Says:

    Richard looks very well. Isn’t it strange that he feels the need to talk about his parentage every election. I hope he is not under stress and keeps warm,
    Regards to Sinead and Jeremy!

  6. Michael McGrath Says:

    Maybe a transfer to Dundrum for Richard, Sigmund?

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