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“Keep It Carlow” – Our county needs Two Strong TDs So We don’t get Left Behind” February 21, 2011

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The front page of The Carlow People Newspaper (many thanks to them for sending it on) with a plea to “”Keep it Carlow”.
Similar headlines will be appearing up and down the country this week in Two County Constituencies.
For all the National we are still very much local.


2 Responses to ““Keep It Carlow” – Our county needs Two Strong TDs So We don’t get Left Behind””

  1. Mick Ahern Says:

    What happens if you are looking for a socialist candidate.
    And who will do more for the health services in Carlow…. Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, or the Socialist Party candidate who hails from Kilkenny.
    Time to rid ourselves of the local gombeen man/woman and vote in our real interests.

  2. Michael McGrath Says:

    Mick Ahern has a thing about Gombeen Men , wonder what country they come from , Gombenia?

    I can see the logic in Carlow people wanting two TDs local to them out of the 5 , it’s handier –
    but then a lot of Carlow people want access to Phil Hogan , John McGuinness – and traditionally , Seamus Pattison for years until he retired.
    But I’m afraid that the voting cannot be oirganised to provide a guarantee of 2 Carlow TDs , though perhaps something could be done about two-county constituencies on Poklitical Reform .

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