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Leaflet from Maria Corrigan -Fianna Fail -Dublin South February 18, 2011

From the 2011 General Election campaign a leaflet from Fianna Fail candidate in Dublin South Maria Corrigan. Corrigan, who ran in 2002 and 2007 without success, is hoping to win a seat in the constituency which since it was set up in 1981 has returned two Fianna Fail TDs at each election since.


2 Responses to “Leaflet from Maria Corrigan -Fianna Fail -Dublin South”

  1. Combat Poverty? FF…ing have reinforced poverty in this country for generations to come. FF abused their position in power to enrich the already filthy rich and then demanded that the poor bail out all those insider-elite developers and bankers (all friends of FF). What a joke!
    Maria, if you have even the slightest interest in poverty (eliminating it that is, not making it worse) will you for God’s sake get out of that disgusting party you are currently supporting. Join Labour. Join Sinn Fein. Get out of politics altogether rather than stay with FF who are pro-poverty.

  2. Steven Says:

    I think she would be much persuasive if she expressed herself in song. She could team up with young Dolan. It’d be like Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers but better!. Dolan being such a party-rebel can lobby the government so that all Dail business is conducted in the trad style. We could make Christy Moore Senator so that they get up to speed. Hell, if they are going to turn us over, they can at least make it entertaining!

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