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“Dolan For The Dáil” – Campaign Song for Michael F Dolan -Fianna Fail Galway East February 17, 2011

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From the 2011 General Election campaign , “Dolan For The Dáil” the Campaign Song for Michael F Dolan a Fianna Fail candidate in Galway East


6 Responses to ““Dolan For The Dáil” – Campaign Song for Michael F Dolan -Fianna Fail Galway East”

  1. Eoin Says:


    I’d like to hear a campaign song with specifics like “Paddy will raise VAT by 2.5 percent, but increase by €1 the allowance for your rent”

  2. […] John F Dolan for the Dail Public date: February 17th, 2011Categories: Politics var addthis_pub="4a0d336a0bd73092"; Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. […]

  3. Dave Says:

    Is this worst advert jingle ever?

  4. My advice is to hang your head in shame and crawl back under whatever rock you emerged from. While you’re at it, bring as many of your ff…ing mates with you as you can, not forgetting that Fahey guy. Please confine yourself to that famous tent of yours at the Galway races; have a ball with all your developer friends and LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE!

  5. Steven Says:

    Dolan for the Dustbin. Despite his little ditty he knows well that if he or any of his pals defied his whip on an even a trivial issue he’d get chucked out of his party on the spot.

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