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Flyer for Mary Fitzgibbon -Independent -Kerry North and Limerick West February 13, 2011

From the 2011 General Election campaign a flyer from Independent candidate Mary Fitzgibbon running in Kerry North West Limerick.
Her website


2 Responses to “Flyer for Mary Fitzgibbon -Independent -Kerry North and Limerick West”

  1. We CANNOT decide our own destiny unless (as you say ) we shake off the shackles… However, if we do that we also shake off access to finance which will mean living within our means. 80% of Irish people have no interest in living within their means and so, neither does the government which simply represents the peoples greed. Be honest, if we shake off the shackles we also shake off the creditors! Ireland is no more a sovereign country than the Moon is made out of cheese. This country (like every other Western country) is owned body and soul by the world’s financiers who couldn’t give a rat’s arse for us or anyone else. They simply want to turn their billions into trillions at our expense. If we go back to living simply we can shake these guys off. I’d do it happily. I’ve done it (my income including dole last year was zero). I spent less than €7,500 (total) out of my life’s savings. But would you live simply? I doubt it very much.

  2. Leo Says:

    Tell me Mary, what is your opinion on a womans right to choose her own destiny, and anyone choice to marry who they choose?

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